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Sold, supplied and installed by Use the Sun Ltd, Basildon’s experienced renewable energy specialists in Essex. Reap the benefits of solar thermal technology and take a leap that will return in more ways than one!


Used alongside your boiler or immersion heater, our intelligent solar thermal systems use the sun’s energy to heat up the water to use in your home. Unlike traditional solar PV, these panels work by absorbing the heat from the sun with solar collectors. The heat-transfer fluid then runs from the solar collectors to your water cylinder, providing your property with a cost-effective solution that uses less fuel and reduces pressure and the reliance on your boiler, helping to improve its lifespan. 


As well as offering a sustainable option for water heating in busy properties, harnessing the sun’s natural heat means less work for the system thus extremely low running costs and an installation that will soon enough be generating free hot water. What’s not to like? Contact Use the Sun Ltd to discuss if this option could work for you. 


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How much will it cost?

Prices start from around £5,000 and generate a significant amount of hot water. We’ll discuss the cost benefits and your individual requirements at depth to ensure you find the right system for you.

How well do they work in the UK?

Though the UK may be used to grey skies, your solar thermal panels will continue to work even on an overcast day. The summer months see most solar thermal panels supply around 90% of the hot water needed for a standard property. In the winter, you're looking at around 25%, according to the Energy Saving Trust, which is when the help of your boiler will come in. 

Is the switch worth it?

According to government research, solar thermal panels can work to reduce your hot water bills by up to 50%, making them an ideal solution for households with heavy usage. Given the much smaller upfront cost than solar PV and heat pumps, they can act as a brilliant starter when looking towards greener living or can be included as part of a package of measures. 

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Get in touch

Arrange a visit from one of our energy engineers. We’ll travel to homes throughout Essex and the surrounding areas, working to come at a time and date that suits you.

Make your choice

If any of our systems sound ideal to you, our engineer will take measurements and confirm the location of the installation.

Install your system

The fitting will usually take one day and will be managed by a trained electrician, roofer and mate.

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We'll register your system with the DNO and HIES. Once complete, you’ll receive all paperwork. At this point, you can register your system with your electricity supplier should you wish to claim the SEG.

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Consider solar thermal for your property, choose your ideal solution, and Use the Sun Ltd will do the rest! Call our team now to arrange an initial visit.

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