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Solar Panels


Make the switch the easy way with Use the Sun Ltd, Basildon's specialist renewable energy company dedicated to helping the UK reap the benefits of solar. Contact us to take the first step in designing a future-proof solution that works for you.


With rising energy costs and the increasing demand on fossil fuels, renewables are a way forward. Solar panels allow homeowners and businesses alike to generate their own electricity, breaking their reliance on the big suppliers and lowering usage costs as a result! Having been in the industry for many years, Use the Sun Ltd offers solar panels in various different sizes, at varying costs and efficiency levels, all from the industry's leadings brands. 


Those with large roofs or lower household usage could see their panels generating more electricity than they need. Any surplus power can be exported back to the National Grid for a set fee, making your investment even more fruitful. Want to save your energy for a rainy day? You’ll also have the option to invest in our battery storage systems, to store any unused electricity for when the need arises. Sound good? Call 01268 727903 to book your assessment!


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How much does it cost?

A budget PV system will start around £5,000 and generate a significant amount of electricity. But if you want to upgrade with a battery, more efficient panels and inverters, then you could be looking at anything up to £20,000. Your needs and your budget will dictate your choice – it is our job to provide you with all the information you need to make that choice.

What guarantees do I have?

Inverters tend to be guaranteed for 5+ years, SolarEdge extend to 25 years. Panels are generally guaranteed for 20 to 25 years. All this is backed up by an Insurance Backed Guarantee which we purchase on your behalf from HIES.

Is it worth the effort?

Use the Sun Ltd have managed solar installations since 2009. We have installed over 18,000 panels which generate over 4.5 million kWh of electricity every year, enough to take a Tesla around the world 180 times! Is it worth it? If we could ask future generations, we think they would urge us to install more. Plus, it will reduce your electricity bill!

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Initial visit

Contact our office in Basildon Essex to book in an appointment with one of our energy engineers. We visit properties across the UK to discuss what options may be feasible.


If you like the solution, our surveyor will take measurements and agree the location for the equipment installation.


This typically takes 1 day, led by an experienced electrician, roofer and a mate. We’ll aim to select a time that’s convenient with you. 

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Once complete, we’ll register your system with the DNO and HIES, and we’ll send you all required paperwork. You can then register this with your electricity supplier should you wish to claim SEG (Smart Export Guarantee). 

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Go solar today and enjoy the benefits for years to come! Contact Use the Sun Ltd to book your free assessment.

01268 727903

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