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Save Money On Your Energy Bills

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Want to Earn Money From Your Roof Space?

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Finance Still Available

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Solar PV

We will show you how solar PV works and what is required to have solar PV installed on your home.

feed in tariff

Did you know that the UK Government pay you a feed in tariff to use solar panels on your home?

Air Source Heat Pumps

Get an Air Source Heat Pump installed on your home and the government pay you every 3 months for the next 7 years.

save money on your energy bills

A Solar PV system for your home can offer a strong return on your investment

Our consultative approach to solar - including design, project management and installation - allows you to benefit from industry leading advice and delivery from an RECC and MCS registered installer. We are here to ensure that your investment is treated with the respect it deserves to give you a bespoke solution that gives you the best returns.

In addition to installing solar PV systems throughout the UK, we are trusted by hundreds of new customers every months to design  and install a solar PV system on their home. With one third of residential installs referred to us from previous customers, these facts alone give peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Why Get Solar Panels?

Solar panels are the most popular type of renewable energy in the UK, and a cost effective solution for households who want cheaper energy.

Reduce c02

A 4kw solar PV system installed on a UK home is the equivalent of planting 3,030 trees over 30 years and 41 tons of waste recycled rather than landfilled.

perform in bad weather

Solar panels can work in ambient light and will produce  some energy on overcast days that we experience in the UK.

Earn money

Over 20 years the UK Government will pay you a feed-in tariff for using solar panels. These payments are guaranteed over 20 years.

solar News and events

  • sep

    African solar to power the uk

    Investors are seeking funding from the UK Government for an ambitions plan.

  • sep

    New solar thermal system

    We are testing a new system that will be fully funded by the RHI payments.

Latest installations

solar pv panels & thermodynamics

finance is still available for solar panels. Solar panels make strong financial sense, and can save you more money than you think as well as earning more money in government Feed-in tariff payments.

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