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    Thermodynamic Panels – Instant hot water – any time of year, day or night


    INSTANT hot water is now available to every home in the UK.

    No more family squabbles when somebody has used all the hot water and you’re waiting for a relaxing bath after a long day.

    Guaranteed to be available any time, in daylight, moonlight, even snow.


    The Thermodynamic concept uses refrigerant passing through a Solar Plate Collector which absorbs heat from the atmosphere, this heat is then used to heat water.

    This is connected to your main water cylinder which will transfer the heat to your water, producing hot water to a maximum temperature of 55˚C 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

    The thermal panels are light weight and easy to install, so that you will be installed and producing hot water within one day.

    The Solar Assisted heat pump will help to provide up to 80% of your hot water with the small cost of powering the compressor you will see a noticeable saving on the heating of your water.

    Cheap African solar energy could power UK homes in 2018

    Investors are seeking funding from the UK government for an ambitious plan to import solar energy generated in North Africa.

    Under the scheme, up to 2.5 million UK homes could be powered by Tunisian sunshine by 2018.

    The company involved says they have already spent 10 million euros developing the site.

    A number of overseas energy producers are competing to bring green energy to the UK from 2017.

    The TuNur project aims to bring two gigawatts of solar power to the UK from Tunisia if the company wins a contract for difference (CFD) from the British government.

    Under new rules published by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc) in the Summer, the government will allow developers of renewable energy projects that are not based in the UK to bid for contracts that guarantee subsidies to supply power.

    CSPThe plan involves focussing the rays of the Sun on a central tower

    TuNur, which is a partnership between British renewables investor Low Carbon, developer Nur Energie, and Tunisian investors, says it has already spent 10 million euros developing the site in the southern area of the country.

    The company has gathered three years of solar data from the location, which it says has been independently verified.

    Legislation has also been passed in the Tunisian parliament to facilitate the export of the energy, and an agreement has been reached with the Italian network operator to connect a dedicated undersea cable to a substation near Rome.

    “This is not a back-of-the-envelope fantasy,” Kevin Sara, chief executive of TuNur told BBC News.

    “We are working with some of the largest engineering firms in the world. This is a serious project. Yes, it is risky like any big energy project is risky.

    “But there is nothing new about moving energy from North Africa to Europe.”

    The company argues that existing gas pipelines from Algeria that run through Tunisia have operated without a glitch through the turbulence that has followed on from the Arab Spring.

    Their plans involve using concentrated solar power (CSP) technology. This allows the developers to store some of the energy generated so that the supply is “dispatchable”. It can be switched on or off on demand.

    The company involved says its electricity supplies will be secure, and 20% cheaper than home-grown sources, such as offshore wind.

    New solar thermal system being tested

    thermalFound a new Thermal System which looks like it will work.

    It is cheaper than other systems so the RHI will pay for it and has its own thermal store so heated water is available when I want it.

    Started installing our first system yesterday – looking good so far.

    We like to ensure that all of our products are tried and tested, and proven to work, so we install in our own property first and give it a thumbs up or down before we decide to offer the system to our customers, or ignore it and continue searching for a better product.

    If this proves to save a substantial amount of money, we will be offering this exact same system to our clients.

    Ofgem confirm Feed In Tariff drop

    Ofgem have officially confirmed that the current Feed In Tariff will be revised as of 1st January 2014.

    Circus Starr

    Circus Starr are a fabulous charity that raise money for kids whilst giving them a fun day out. Normally a bit sceptic about such arrangements between fund raisers and charities (they are mainly scams) I phoned the Hospital to check this was real before making my donation.

    Charles Street

    One of our more interesting challanges. 9 Panels installed on a bespoke steel frame to avoid touching the tiles in Charles Street.

    What is happening to Solar PV prices?

    After the knocks this Government have dealt to the Solar PV Industry they have come up with a new wheeze to make our lives more difficult.

    Snow day……

    Does snow really mean no solar panel production? Not necessarily....